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The area of Quepos/Manuel Antonio offers a variety of eco-adventure tours and adrenaline activities.
Wide Mouth Frog has established relationships with many local tour providers. Our knowledgeable reception team has experienced first hand the adventures that await you.

The team will ensure you get exactly what you are looking for and will take care of all the reservations for you. Our tours desk has information on all the local tours and a book written by our guests to give you some suggestions.
We try to use small businesses where possible to ensure a higher level of service to our guests.

Rafting Wide Mouth Frog Costa RicaBoredom is simply not a word in the Quepos dictionary. The question here is not what to do, but what to leave out. After all, there's only 24 hours in a day...
Adventure Sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, sea kayaking, river rafting, ATV’s, mountain biking, horseback riding to pristine waterfalls, relaxing on white-sand beaches...

If that's not enough to keep you busy in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area, then how about hiking through the jungle, bird watching, photographing monkeys, sloths and other wildlife, swimming and exploring mangrove forests and rocky islands ?

Not to be missed is Manuel Antonio National Park, arguably the country's most beautiful and popular protected coastal area. The national park contains pristine white-sand beaches, hidden coves ideal for snorkeling, trails through tropical forest filled with wildlife and the landmark Punta Catedral, towering high above the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

Please check out all the following tours. Don't hesitate to contact us for information or to make a reservation.

HorsebackridingHorse Back Riding

Explore the primary rainforest on horseback and visit a 90 meter high waterfall. The tour company we use is family run. They own the horses, the restaurant where you get cooked breakfast and lunch, the van that picks you up and the land itself. This is how they can run this tour so cheaply. It is the best value for money tour in the area.

RaftingWhite Water Rafting

Costa Rica offers some of the world’s best white water rafting rivers. The guides are well trained and experienced. Beginners through to experts will love this trip. Paddle through amazing jungle scenery, waterfalls and rapids. A definite adrenaline rush.

ZiplinesZip Lines

Fly through the air on suspended cables from platform to platform in the jungle canopy. This thrilling adventure offers close-up views of tree top flora and fauna. The trail follows the waterfalls to a crystal clear pool of refreshing water where you can swim.

dolphin watch Dolphin Watch

From Quepos marina on a large catamaran this tour skirts the coast to a beautiful serene bay where you can snorkel close to a huge rock, around which the sea life always seem to congregate. Sailing, snorkeling, a pasta lunch, open bar and the chance to sea dolphins (90%), turtles (25%) and whales (10%) make this combination tour a must.

Mangrove swampsMangrove Swamps

You usually see more animals on this tour than all the others combined, including the National Park! The company we use has amazingly knowledgeable guides. You will either boat or kayak through a complex estuary system at high tide. The guide will describe a variety of biological relationships within this delicate habitat and you will learn more than you anticipated.

JetskiJet Ski Tour

Don’t wait for the wildlife, go and find it! Jump across the waves at breakneck speed along the coastline of Quepos / Manuel Antonio. Get a close up view of the birdlife on the islands and remember to keep your eyes open for the dolphins, sea turtles and the occasional whale. Massive adrenaline.

ATVA.T.V Safari

On your quad bike you will follow your guide across jungle rivers, up rough mountain tracks, through the giant African Palm plantations, across cattle farms and into typical towns. Have lunch at a great lookout point and enjoy the diverse tropical vegetation. This is a great way to view the surrounding areas and villages off the beaten track.

Rain forestRainmaker

Is an unforgettable experience, walking on suspension bridges in-between trees, through the jungle. Marvel at the beauty of the canopy as you see the rainforest from the eyes of the birds and monkeys.

Butterfly Center

This is the first butterfly garden in the Manuel Antonio area. It has more than 20 species of butterflies inside a uniquely designed 1000 square foot atrium. You will be able to observe the four different stages of metamorphosis and perhaps witness the magical moment when a butterfly first opens its wings.

Scuba divingScuba Diving

Nothing can compare to scuba diving. It is a unique sensation, maybe the closest most of us will come to knowing what floating in space feels like. Combine this weightless, almost silent (apart from your own bubbles) world with the visual feast that awaits you and you will know why so many people take up this hobby.

The water off the coast of Quepos/Manuel Antonio has a high nutrient content that supports a wide variety of marine species. Even first timers can dive today.

Spice farmSpice farm

Ever wondered why pepper is black, white or green? Why is vanilla so expensive? How do you make all spice? This tour is a gentle walk through the plantation and is very sensory, with multiple stops for tasting and smelling along the way and includes a new "Flavors of the World" tasting - an assortment of gourmet spice treats and drinks prepared by our in-house pastry chef. The farm has been certified organic since 1992 and biodynamic since 2000.

Due to weather conditions there are often changes in which tours are operating on what days. Please speak to our receptionist if you have any specific questions and to make reservations.

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